Surgical Synergistics is a company founded by an Oral Surgeon for Oral Surgeons and for companies who need Oral Surgeons. Our company is based on Honesty, Integrity and Truth. We apply these principles in every aspect of what we do. Our Mission is to create Synergy in the field of Business and Oral Surgery. Our Goal is to be the provider of choice in all markets that we serve.

About Us

Surgical Synergistics is based on Honesty, Integrity and Truth. We promote the highest standards and quality in patient care. We specialize in creating productive Synergistic relationships for Businesses, Oral Surgeons and Assistants. Our Surgical Synergistics Team and network of services provide you with choices, opportunities and consistency in achieving your goals in oral surgery. With Surgical Synergistics you will find a dedicated partner who will foster successful, mutually beneficial long term productive relationships.

Oral surgery is a challenging specialty that can be stressful. For surgeons we seek to help relieve that stress and pressure and increase your quality of life. Being a part of Surgical Synergistics allows you to be more productive, spend more time focusing on patients and less time on administrative tasks.